Website Design Michigan – Simple is Best!

Building a website involves many elements, from picking out the right colors, fonts and logo, to determining the best organization for your navigation menu. Clients tell us it can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are a few concepts to help keep the process from getting out of control for you:

Website Design – It’s Not About You!

Well, not only about you. The most critical concept in content marketing is this: that the content must be relatable to your viewers. That will improve engagement and increase the chances that they share your message. 

To draw potential customers in, be sure you keep the viewer in mind! The layout, functionality and colors must deliver information, entertain, and make it easy to take the action you want your potential customers to take. Clean, simple designs with consistent colors are key.

You can also make your website more accessible for your visitors by posting short videos, interactive activities, and infographics, but be sure to maintain consistency with your colors and fonts.  

It’s often helpful to set aside some time with a small group of co-workers or friends to brainstorm. Sort through all the ideas, pick the best ones, and remember that you’ll likely have to modify or edit several times before everything’s right. 

Here are some tips to help when designing a visual aid:

  • White space - When designing webpages, make sure you’re not cluttering the space. Once you add all the information needed on the page, make sure it’s organized and leave room for it to breathe! White space can make things more visually appealing and organized. 

  • Color theory - Stick to 2-3 complimentary colors and keep them consistent with your brand’s image. Using a pre-made color pallet can help.

  • Fonts - Choose 1-2 fonts that complement each other and use them throughout your entire website. Each font has a distinct mood, choose the font or fonts that best represents what it is being designed for. 

Integrating your company’s values and products into your website can be what gets recognition and sets you apart from the competition. In some cases, it’s beneficial to play on what your product does. For example, Clorox’s website looks clean with sharp lines and clear edges – it’s bleach, so the look makes sense! Keep everything consistent, so people can easily identify your brand. 

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